Terms and Conditions

Availability of goods. The Buyer acknowledges that he was advised that the purchased goods are not available and that he must wait for their arrival. The Seller is not responsible for the delays of the manufacturer or supplier. When the goods arrive, the Seller will inform the Buyer.

There is no guarantee by Seller. Maximo Solar may be a facilitator between the manufacturer and you during the warranty claim process. Therefore, it makes no express or implied warranty of any kind to any person in relation to the goods sold, including any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose for which the Buyer wishes or intends to use the goods sold, and including no warranty of marketability. For purposes of any type of claim or responsibility with respect to the Seller, the Buyer acquires the goods “as they are” (“as is”), that is, in the state and condition. Any statement, description, or representation made by Seller shall not constitute any express or implied warranty. The Buyer waives all legal warranties and all warranties implied by law in relation to the sale of the goods described in this document, including the waiver of the right to compensation for hidden defects or flaws, for which the Buyer may only claim against the manufacturer of the well.

Manufacturer's Warranty. The only warranty on the goods sold is the manufacturer's warranty. The Buyer acknowledges having received the instructions, terms and conditions as well as the warranty policies of the goods sold. The Buyer is the only person responsible for communicating with the manufacturer to manage or process the guarantee of the goods sold. The Seller is not responsible for managing or processing any guarantee with the manufacturer of the goods sold.

No return of goods and no return of money. All sale is final. The Seller will not accept the return of any goods sold or refund any money.

Resolution of controversies or disputes. Read this section carefully since this section establishes that any controversy or dispute arises, the buyer or seller agrees to submit said claim before an arbitrator, according to the and not before the courts or administrative agencies, for which it will be the arbitrator and not a judge who will decide the case. All disputes and claims arising under or in connection with this sale shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the Consumer Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association and shall be heard by one (1) arbitrator to be selected by agreement between the parties (customer and seller). If the parties do not agree on who will be the arbitrator, said selection will be made in accordance with the Consumer Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). The arbitration will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The arbitrators must apply the law of Puerto Rico. Each party will submit to the jurisdiction of the General Court of Justice of Puerto Rico for the purposes of enforcing any award, order or sentence. Any award, order, or judgment pursuant to arbitration is final.

Incidental Seller: Any incidental seller will be considered a supplier, for which they will be obliged to comply with the terms established, both in this Regulation for Compliance with Guarantees for Electric Generators, and in Law 107 - 2019. This includes the duty to offer to the consumer a certificate of guarantee, as well as being responsible for offering mechanisms to make it effective and informing him about it. It must also provide the consumer with a written invoice, detailing the name, physical and postal address, and telephone number of the seller, as well as the price paid for the product, including the applicable sales and use tax.

Outside Installations: Maximo Solar Industries is not responsible for installations performed by outside installers who have their own business. Any equipment or item sold in store is final sale. The installer designated by your direct customer must make the warranty arrangements directly with the manufacturer since Maximo Solar Industries distributes, does not manufacture equipment or products sold in stores.

Any returned check has a cost of $25.00 dollars. Invoices due after the due date will be charged a fee of 1.5% of the total amount.